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Bamboo Bicycles Parked Near Water Fountain

This free stock photo shows a number of bamboo bikes parked next to each other, with a water fountain, a few plants and a building with a staircase visible in the blurry background.

Cyclists Near The Golden Gate Bridge

This free stock photo shows two cyclists on their bikes, wearing helmets, one of them checking his phone, with other people and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, in the background.

Pathway Near Water Under Cloudy Sky

This free stock photo shows a paved pathway leading to a mountain on the edge of a body of water with scattered shrubs nearby and people sitting on benches or walking on it, under a blue sky with thin white clouds.

Traffic And Buildings At Roundabout In Rome

This free stock photo shows a grass roundabout where Italy’s flag is painted with flowers, with people, cars and buses moving around and near it, and a main street with buildings on each side in the background.

People On Motorcycles Beside Road

This free stock photo shows six people wearing helmets riding three motorcycles, two on each one, on the roadside with another car nearby and traffic on the main road.

Car And Motorcycle On Road

This free stock photo shows a car with at least a passenger other than the driver, and a motorcycle ridden by a man, in motion on a road with a small curve surrounded by desert plants and rocks.

People Walking Down Paris Street

This free stock photo shows people walking down the sidewalk next to a street with cars, with lamp posts and statues in the city of Paris, France.

Crowded Street in Front of Museum

This free stock photo shows s busy street with cars, people walking, and people riding bicycles in front of the Museum of Contemporary History in Paris, France.

Cyclist on Road Riding Up Mountain

This free stock photo shows a bicycle rider pedaling on a road leading up a mountain through trees and bushes.

Bicycle Parked by Stairs

This free stock photo shows a white bicycle parked by a concrete and brick wall at the bottom of a set of stairs.

This free stock photo shows a woman riding a bicycle on a path lined with palm trees along the beach with the sun in the sky.

This free stock photo shows man riding a bicycle on the road alongside mountains.


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