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Plants And Stacked Books On Shelf

This free stock photo shows two green plants of different kinds in two white pots with saucers, one of them set on a stack of brown books with ribbon bookmarks, all placed on a brown wooden shelf with a gold bracket mounted on a white wall.

Pipes And Metal Structures On Wooden Pier

This free stock photo shows structures of pipes and metal, and containers of different types on a wooden pier in a still large body of water, with a coastline visible in the distance.

Word Blogs In Scrabble Tiles

This free stock photo shows the word “blogs” spelled with wooden Scrabble tiles in the middle of other scattered upturned pieces on a marble surface.

Curved And Rectangular Modern Building Designs

This free stock photo shows the angles and the curves of a modern-looking structure tiled with big reflective metallic rectangles, with two projector lights above it.

Food On Table Near Beach

This free stock photo shows a table covered with fabric tablecloths with two plates on it, one empty and one full of food, a glass, and a pair of tongs, with a chair next to it, all placed on a wooden platform on the shore of a large body of water.

Two Small American Flags Near Docked Boats

This free stock photo shows two small American flags on white thin rods, against a blurry background of nearby docked boats in a harbor.

Group Of People Standing In Chinatown Street

This free stock photo shows a group of people gathered in a circle in front of a building in a street in San Francisco’s Chinatown in California, United States, with other people going up and down the road, and shop signs along with bright red lanterns hung on and between the buildings.

Multi Arched Entrance Of Los Angeles City Hall

This free stock photo shows the multiple concrete arches of the entrance to the Los Angeles City Hall in California, United States, with its wide steps and several flapping American flags on top.

Buildings On Coastal Cliff During Sunset

This free stock photo shows mediterranean style buildings on a coastal cliff overlooking a large body of water where a sailing ship is visible and other bare mountain cliffs can be seen not far away, during sunset.

Rows Of Street Lamps In Urban Light Installation

This free stock photo shows a view looking up at the rows of ornate vintage street lamps of the Urban Light assemblage sculpture located in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in California, United States, while lit at night.

Filled Jars In Wall Mounted Spice Rack

This free stock photo shows two full rows of glass jars filled with different kinds of spices and herbs, arranged in a wall-mounted wire spice rack.

Pike Place Market Neon Sign

This free stock photo shows a red neon sign with the words “public” and “market” displayed on a metal structure on the roof of one of the Pike Place Market’s buildings in Seattle, Washington, United States, along with another sign shaped as a fish.

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