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Silver Glitter Bauble Ornament Hanging From Pine Tree

This free stock photo shows a silver glitter bauble holiday decoration hanging on a string from a tree lit with fairy lights.

Lit Fairy Lights On Tree

This free stock photo shows a close-up of some string lights, lit and hanging on a tree, with the details of the tree needles quite visible.

Cat Sitting Besides Nutcracker Doll Next To Holiday Decorations

This free stock photo shows a short-haired black and tan colored tortoiseshell cat sitting near a decorative nutcracker figurine, with blurry red bauble ornaments on a tree visible in the foreground.

Urban Lights Art Installation At Night

This free stock photo shows the Urban Light assemblage sculpture of restored street lamps situated in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in California, United States, while lit at night time.

Passageway With Reflective Tiled Walls

This free stock photo shows a narrow passageway with large marble tiles in its floor and curved walls with reflective rectangular metal tiles.

Colorful Peppers Display In Market

This free stock photo shows assortments, in the form of a vertical wreath, of small peppers in different colors, with white and violet flowers between them, and a head of garlic at the bottom, hanging in a market.

American Flags Beneath City Hall Tower

This free stock photo shows a view looking up at the concrete City Hall tower building in Los Angeles, California, United States, with several angled American flags on poles beneath it.

Two People Under Tree Near Barn

This free stock photo shows a man and a woman with their backs turned, sitting on a table bench in the shade of a large tree, facing an old white Gothic-arc barn, with a construction excavator and some wood besides it.

Performers With Musical Instruments In Concert

This free stock photo shows three performers playing various musical instruments, with bright light shining behind them.

Crowd At Pike Place Public Market

This free stock photo shows people, and some cars, walking or checking the different stands in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Two Small American Flags Near Water

This free stock photo shows two small American flags on white thin rods, against a blurry background of a body of water, a pier and trees in the distance.

Laptop On Table Beside Sofa Near Window

This free stock photo shows a sofa with a throw pillow on it and an open laptop on a small side table near a window with a blurred cityscape view.

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