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Sunlit Kitchen With Dark Cabinets

This free stock photo shows a kitchen with dark painted wood cabinets, marble counters, silver colored appliances, a framed quote on the opposite wall and a window on the right wall behind the sink letting sunlight in.

Art And Decorations On Corner Walls

This free stock photo shows two art canvases painted in a blue color scheme hung on a white wall on the right, and hanging wood plant decorations placed on the next wall on the left.

Man Seated On Bench Under Tree

This free stock photo shows a man with his left hand under his chin, reading a book on his lap, while seated on a wooden bench under a partially visible massive tree in a park.

Potted Plants And Books On Wall Shelf

This free stock photo shows two houseplants in white pots, one of them set on a stack of three books, with all placed on a wall mounted shelf close to the ceiling.

Round Chinese Paper Lanterns On String Lights

This free stock photo shows three red chinese lanterns attached to a string of lit lightbulbs against a clear evening sky.

Lit Light Bulb In Wall Sconce

This free stock photo shows a lit glass electric bulb with multiple illuminated filaments in a wall sconce emitting light on a smooth surface.

One Way Sign On Street Light Pole

This free stock photo shows a view looking up at a one way sign pointing to the left, attached to a lit street lamp post, against a clear blue evening sky.

Spider Plant In Hanging Planter

This free stock photo shows a spider plant in a jute pot with tassels, hanging from above by three ropes, against white walls.

Four External Hard Drives On Wooden Surface

This free stock photo shows four differently colored external hard drives placed next to each other in two rows on a wooden surface.

Palm Trees Near Urban Light Art Installation At Night

This free stock photo shows a night view of a part of the street lamps of the Urban Light assemblage sculpture in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in California, United States, emitting light and illuminating a side of the palm trees in front, with a building visible nearby.

Two People In Restaurant Terrace Overlooking Water

This free stock photo shows a man and a woman sitting on a table eating breakfast, or brunch, in a covered terrace overlooking the water.

Paper Roll On Holder Next To Toilet

This free stock photo shows a view from the side of a toilet paper roll on a silver finish holder mounted to a white vanity cabinet next to the toilet.


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