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Man Walking Near Street Art Paintings

This free stock photo shows a man in a navy colored t-shirt, jeans, eyeglasses, and white sneakers, holding his phone in his left hand, walking down an empty street, along a brick wall full of street art paintings.

Vaporetto And Boats In Venice Canal

This free stock photo shows a Venetian water bus and a couple of other boats sailing in the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, between pastel colored European-style buildings.

Boats Between Buildings In Narrow Canal

This free stock photo shows a narrow canal in the City of Water aka Venice, Italy, where two boats are parked outside old, European style and rough-looking buildings.

Man On Laptop Near Window

This free stock photo shows a man cross-legged on a sofa, with his right hand on the keyboard of a laptop computer placed on a table in front of him, and sitting across from a floor-to-ceiling window with a city view.

Boat In Middle Of Canal In Venice

This free stock photo shows a motorboat traveling through a wide canal in Venice, Italy, where pastel colored buildings standing on each side and other boats parking alongside them, with the domes of the basilica of Santa Maria della Salute visible in the distance.

Los Angeles Skyline From Park Lake

This free stock photo shows the Los Angeles city skyline visible behind palm trees and different kinds of vegetation surrounding the Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles, California, where people are steering paddle boats, a couple of ducks are swimming and the fountains in the middle rushing water.

Los Angeles City Hall Building Against Sky

This free stock photo shows the concrete City Hall tower building in Los Angeles, California, against a clear blue clear sky, with palm trees and other trees near its multi-arched entrance and front steps.

Traffic And Buildings At Roundabout In Rome

This free stock photo shows a grass roundabout where Italy’s flag is painted with flowers, with people, cars and buses moving around and near it, and a main street with buildings on each side in the background.

Tall Buildings Beyond Fence

This free stock photo shows a number of tall buildings in the distance, beyond a metal rails wall, under a clear blue sky.

Traffic In Street With Tall Buildings

This free stock photo shows a street lined with different types of buildings, plants and road signs, with cars parked on its left side and traffic in the middle.

Bench At Park With Lake

This free stock photo shows a metal bench in front of the Echo Park Lake where people are steering paddle boats and a water fountain is running, with palm trees and the Los Angeles skyline in the background.

School Building On Street Under Bright Sun

This free stock photo shows an Opportunities For Learning school building on the side of a wide street with trees and palm trees on each side, under a clear sky with a bright sun.

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