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Wooden Pier Of Seaside Restaurant

This free stock photo shows part of a dining place (or a coffee shop) on a wooden pier projecting into the water, with buildings and trees on a hill and on the coast visible in the distance on the other part of the shore.

Toy Train On Tracks Below Hanging Red Bauble Ornament

This free stock photo shows four attached toy train wagons on wooden tracks beneath a red glitter ball holiday ornament decoration hung with a string to pine tree needles alongside some lit up fairy lights.

Half Dome At Yosemite National Park In California

This free stock photo shows the Half Dome granite rock formation at Yosemite Valley in the Yosemite National Park in California, United States, while lightly covered in snow, with trees and another mountain in the foreground.  

Pine Cone Decoration On Lit Tree

This free stock photo shows two conifer cone decorations sprinkled lightly with silver glitter attached to a branch with pine needles, with fairy lights shimmering in the blurry background.

Commercial Plane Preparing To Land Near River And Forest

This free stock photo shows an American Airlines plane preparing to land on an asphalt runway close to a river, a dense forest and several buildings in between.

Snow On Coniferous Tree Branches

This free stock photo shows sunlight shining through the branches of coniferous trees covered with snow.

Silver Glitter Bauble Ornament Hanging From Pine Tree

This free stock photo shows a silver glitter bauble holiday decoration hanging on a string from a tree lit with fairy lights.

Ice Covered Mount Baldy Behind Forest Trees

This free stock photo shows Mount San Antonio in Los Angeles, Califonia, United States, covered in snow during the month of February, with pine trees all over it and around its base.

Lit Fairy Lights On Tree

This free stock photo shows a close-up of some string lights, lit and hanging on a tree, with the details of the tree needles quite visible.

Old Wooden Boardwalk With Railings Between Greenery

This free stock photo shows the wooden planks and railings of an old boardwalk, with plants visible on each side.

Scattered Dry Leaves On Concrete Sidewalk

This free stock photo shows a few dead dry tree fall leaves scattered on a concrete sidewalk, with a pile of them in the blurry background.

Waterfall Behind People On Bridge Between Trees

This free stock photo shows a waterfall flowing from a mountain cliff behind people standing on an arch bridge between forest trees.

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