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Wooden Pier Of Seaside Restaurant

This free stock photo shows part of a dining place (or a coffee shop) on a wooden pier projecting into the water, with buildings and trees on a hill and on the coast visible in the distance on the other part of the shore.

Empty Highway In Desert Under Cloudy Blue Sky

This free stock photo shows an empty highway stretching ahead between two deserted lands with little to no vegetation, under a blue sky with scattered white clouds.

Sunset Behind Hills Near Rocks And Boulders

This free stock photo shows the sun setting behind two hills, with rocks and boulders of different sizes visible in the foreground, in the Joshua Tree National Park in California, United States.

Old Wooden Boardwalk With Railings Between Greenery

This free stock photo shows the wooden planks and railings of an old boardwalk, with plants visible on each side.

Group Of People Sitting On Concrete Steps

This free stock photo shows a group of young people, most of them hunching over their mobile phones, sitting on concrete public seating benches next to concrete steps, with various types of plants and small trees behind them.

Harvested Pumpkins Near Fields

This free stock photo shows a few harvested pumpkins sitting on the ground soil on the left, and corn-like plant leaves on the right, with some stretched planted fields in the background beyond a wide dirt path.

Scattered Dry Leaves On Concrete Sidewalk

This free stock photo shows a few dead dry tree fall leaves scattered on a concrete sidewalk, with a pile of them in the blurry background.

Unbroken Sheet Of Dry Fall Leaves

This free stock photo shows a layer of dead dry autumn leaves fallen on the ground.

Close Up Of Corn Plants In Field

This free stock photo shows a close up of some corn plants close together in a field with a dirt path nearby.

Amazon Spheres Near Buildings In Seattle

This free stock photo shows two of the three glass and steel dome conservatories, part of the Amazon headquarters campus in Seattle, Washington, United States, surrounded by plants and trees, skyscrapers and other tall buildings.

Aerial Tramway Car Traveling Above City

This free stock photo shows an aerial tramway cable car in transit above the city of Portland, Oregon, United States, with different buildings, trees and greenery, bridges and a river in view.

Narrow Trail Between Trees In Forest

This free stock photo shows a footpath between tall trees, high grass and plants in a dense forested area.

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