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Group Of Flamingos On Grass Near Trees And Plants

This free stock photo shows a group of flamingo sitting on the ground or standing on one leg in a grassy area, with their beaks into their plumage near tropical plants and trees.

Sunlight Through Green Leaves In Forest

This free stock photo shows the sunlight shining through light green maple leaf shaped leaves attached to a thin branch, with trees visible in the blurred background.

Los Angeles Skyline Behind Paddle Boats On Echo Park Lake

This free stock photo shows the Los Angeles city skyline visible behind palm trees and different kinds of vegetation surrounding the Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles, California, with paddle boats on water and people scattered around it.

Plants In White Pots On Wall Mounted Shelf

This free stock photo shows two green plants in two simple white pots with saucers, placed on a brown wooden shelf with a gold bracket mounted on a white wall.

Curtained Glass Windows Overlooking Lawn

This free stock photo shows two large glass windows in a mansion overlooking a lawn with a footpath and a few plants along the building.

Mountain And Sea Behind Restaurant Near Cliff In Santorini

This free stock photo shows the terrace of a hotel, or a restaurant, with stone walls, a pool, chairs, tables, and patio umbrellas, set on a mountain cliff, with the sea and a mountain coastline visible in the background, in the Santorini Island, in Greece.

Large Water Body And Mountains Behind Branch

This free stock photo shows a large body of water between a tree-covered mountain on one side and a small road among thick trees on the opposite side, all behind a thin leafy branch in the foreground.

Rock Formations And Plants Against Cloudy Sky

This free stock photo shows clusters of rocks and scattered desert plants under a gray cloudy sky.

Long Worn Boardwalk Between Plants And Trees

This free stock photo shows a long empty boardwalk in forest, with its old boards and shabby handrails.

Sidewalk Between Trees And Hedge Wall

This free stock photo shows a long sidewalk between a row of trees on grass and a stone wall with a high hedge.

Side Walkway Leading To Large White Mansion

This free stock photo shows an open lawn with a tiled side walkway leading to a large eggshell colored mansion.

Close Up Of Pale Pink Flamingo Head

This free stock photo shows a close-up of a side view of a flamingo head with its black and hot pink beak, tiny eyes and short pale pink feathers, against a blurry background of some foliage and another flamingo close by.


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