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Leaves Lit By Sunlight Through Foliage

This free stock photo shows toothed three-lobed leaves lit by sunlight with areas of shadow and light, from the canopy of trees above, visible on them.

Spider Plant In Hanging Planter

This free stock photo shows a spider plant in a jute pot with tassels, hanging from above by three ropes, against white walls.

Close Up Of Succulent With Stringy Leaves

This free stock photo shows a close up of a part of a succulent with green stringy leaves, against a blurry background of the rest of the plant.

Rock Mountain Near Desert Highway

This free stock photo shows a desert highway skirting a rugged rock mountain with a couple of vehicles in the distance, under big fluffy white clouds in a blue sky.

Mountains And Forested Valleys In Between

This free stock photo shows forested valleys between several snow capped mountains and hills with a couple tall evergreen trees in the foreground.

Small Misty Waterfall On Mossy Cliff

This free stock photo shows a small waterfall racing in a series of tiny misty cascades down a mossy cliffside.

Light Through Maple Shaped Leaves

This free stock photo shows sunlight shining through tall trees and on a few maple shaped leaves making them bright green.

Misty Thin Waterfall On Mossy Wall

This free stock photo shows a misty waterfall cascading on a mossy wall into a small body of water, with a rock covered in moss and tiny plants visible in the foreground.

Person Walking Down Towards Town In Santorini Island

This free stock photo shows an individual with their back turned, wearing a black tank top, white shorts, gray sneakers and an orange drawstring bag, walking down a path, facing a town with mostly white buildings, in the Santorini Island in Greece, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

People On Motorboat On Water Near Shore

This free stock photo shows a few people, some standing and others sitting, on a blue and white motorboat gliding over water near a waterfront on a wooden pier.

Tall Buildings Behind People Near Stairs

This free stock photo shows mostly tall city buildings behind a landing covered with geometric-shaped metal structures surrounded by plants, visible behind a wide flight of stairs between another building and a group of people sitting on larger concrete steps.

White Clouds Above Mountain In Desert

This free stock photo shows a mountain in the distance behind a sparcely vegetated stretch of desert, below a blue sky with a few white clouds.


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