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Group Of Flamingos On Grass Near Trees And Plants

This free stock photo shows a group of flamingo sitting on the ground or standing on one leg in a grassy area, with their beaks into their plumage near tropical plants and trees.

Person Fishing On Wooden Pier

This free stock photo shows an individual wearing a tan-colored wide brim bucket hat and holding a long fishing rod, standing near the water on a wooden pier held by rusty metal panels, fishing next to three mooring bitts of different sizes with a seagull standing on one of them.

Chimpanzee Lying On Big Rock

This free stock photo shows a medium sized ape laying on its right side on a big rock, looking towards the camera.

Komodo Dragon Lizard Behind Rock

This free stock photo shows the head and part of the body of a leathery skinned Komodo dragon lizard appearing from behind a small boulder.

Small Child Watching Seagulls Flying Above Water

This free stock photo shows the back of a child wearing a t-shirt, shorts and blue sandals, standing on the smooth wet sand and watching a colony of seagulls flying above a large body of water.

Close Up Of Pale Pink Flamingo Head

This free stock photo shows a close-up of a side view of a flamingo head with its black and hot pink beak, tiny eyes and short pale pink feathers, against a blurry background of some foliage and another flamingo close by.

Light Pink Flamingo Sitting On Grass

This free stock photo shows a flamingo with light pink feathers sitting down on the ground in an area with light grass next to another area with sand.

Cat Sitting Besides Nutcracker Doll Next To Holiday Decorations

This free stock photo shows a short-haired black and tan colored tortoiseshell cat sitting near a decorative nutcracker figurine, with blurry red bauble ornaments on a tree visible in the foreground.

Seagull Standing On Wet Sandy Shore

This free stock photo shows a white and dark gray seagull standing on the wet sand of a beach with its beak open.

Man On Bench In Downtown Los Angeles Park

This free stock photo shows a man hunching over with a bag besides him on a metal bench in front of the Echo Park Lake where people are steering paddle boats and a water fountain is running, with palm trees and the Los Angeles skyline in the background.

Black And Orange Moth On Gray Surface

This free stock photo shows a black moth with orange and white lines and spots on its wings, laying still on a gray grainy textured surface.

Otters Swimming In Water

This free stock photo shows seven otters swimming on their backs in a body of water.


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