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Man With Backpack On Rock In Joshua Tree Park

This free stock photo shows a man checking his phone wearing a white t-shirt, gray shorts and a black backpack, while standing on a big rock formation during dusk in the Joshua Tree National Park in California, United States.

Small Sailboat On Water Near Shore

This free stock photo shows a small white sailboat on a still large body of water, with a distant shoreline in the background and blurry branches in the foreground.

Boardwalk Surrounded By Tall Grass And Plants

This free stock photo shows an empty wooden boardwalk with railings on each side, winding through high grass and plants towards trees and some other taller plants.

Light Through Opening In Lower Antelope Canyon

This free stock photo shows the texture of the corridors’ walls of the Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona, the United States, with the sunlight, seeping through the cracks, shining on them.

Sun Rays Through Tall Trees And Branches

This free stock photo shows a view looking up to the sun shining through the branches of a group of close together tall trees.

Buildings Under Construction In City

This free stock photo shows a few tall buildings still under construction among other finished buildings with different heights, under a blue sky with thin white clouds.

Unpaved Dirt Road Between Trees

This free stock photo shows an unpaved dirt pathway leading to a bridge, and passing between trees and plants forming an archway above the road.

Two Waterfalls In Forest

This free stock photo shows two running waterfalls, one in the foreground and one in the background, with plants and rocks on either side of them.

Vehicles In Two Lane Desert Road

This free stock photo shows a couple of different kinds of vehicles moving in one direction in a two-lane desert road, with a line of utility poles running along one side, under a cloudy sky.

Snow Covered Mountain Behind Boats In Harbor

This free stock photo shows different kinds of boats and yachts moored to quays in a harbor near warehouse-like structures, with a snow covered mountain peak in the background.

Lanterns And Shop Signs In Chinatown

This free stock photo shows shop signs, written mostly in Chinese, and bright red lanterns hung on and between buildings in a street in Chinatown in San Francisco, California, United States.

City Buildings Near River Surrounded By Trees

This free stock photo shows tall buildings near a river between trees, with other buildings, trees and some hills in the distance.

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