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Two Women Taking Pictures Near River

This free stock photo shows a woman on the left taking pictures using a smartphone of another woman on the right sitting on a bench near a coastal ledge, with a bridge, buildings and warehouses visible beyond them on the opposite side of the river.

Sun Setting Behind Mountains Beyond Urban Area

This free stock photo shows the sun setting behind far away mountains beyond a densely built urban area.

Open Doorways In A Row

This free stock photo shows a few arched doorways, some with their doors open, with potted plants on each side and light sconces and fixtures hung on walls and from ceilings.

People Sitting On Coastal Ledge During Sunset

This free stock photo shows the backs of six people sitting on a coastal ledge with clouds lit by a setting sun above a large body of water visible beyond them.

Traffic In Busy Streets Intersection

This free stock photo shows a shot from high above of a three-way street intersection with vehicles of different kinds in motion or stopped waiting for traffic lights or parked in lots.

Barred Window In Ancient Dark Space

This free stock photo shows sunlight coming through a barred window into an old dark room.

Man Checking Phone Against Building

This free stock photo shows a man wearing glasses, a light blue shirt, and dark pants, standing in front of a concrete building, looking at his phone held in his left hand.

Crane Jib Against Clouds In Sky

This free stock photo shows a view looking up at the jib of a a crane tower against thin white clouds covering a blue sky.

Bamboo Bicycles Parked Near Water Fountain

This free stock photo shows a number of bamboo bikes parked next to each other, with a water fountain, a few plants and a building with a staircase visible in the blurry background.

Dome And Clock Tower Beyond Tiled Roof Through Opening

This free stock photo shows the top parts of a clock tower and a blue green dome beyond a slanted terracotta tiled roof under a cloudy sky, all visible through a rectangular opening.

Vehicles In Traffic Jam Inside Tunnel

This free stock photo shows lines of different vehicles in a traffic jam inside a tunnel while raining.

Wooden Boardwalk Through Forest

This free stock photo shows a worn boardwalk stretching ahead between trees in a forest.


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