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Empty Wooden Boardwalk Through Forest

This free stock photo shows an empty wooden boardwalk with hand railings on both sides, stretching across an area flanked by trees.

San Francisco City Skyline Beyond Water

This free stock photo shows the distant city skyline of San Francisco, California, United States, behind a sandy coast and a large body of water.

Toilet Paper Roll On Mounted Holder

This free stock photo shows a full toilet paper roll on a silver-colored holder mounted to a white cabinet next to a wall.

Two People On Small Yacht Near Pier

This free stock photo shows a man and a woman in the cockpit of a motorboat moving through water near a dock where another boat is moored.

Water In Echo Park Lake

This free stock photo shows the Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles, California, with few paddle boats on the glistening water, and people scattered on the path near the shore, with palm trees and sunset lit buildings behind them.

Two Small American Flags Near Water

This free stock photo shows two small flags of the United States of America on thin poles, with a body of water, buildings and trees near the shore, visible in the blurred background behind them.

Boats Docked In Harbor Near Village

This free stock photo shows small boats docked in a harbor near a rocky shore with multiple buildings.

Stairway Entrance Of Large White Mansion

This free stock photo shows the main entrance of a white mansion, including a short and wide staircase, and a mahogany door under a large portico, part of the Tournament House for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association in California, formerly a Wrigley Mansion.

Space Needle Tower Through Tree Leaves

This free stock photo shows a view looking up at the structure of the Space Needle tower in Seattle, Washington, United States, behind the leaves of a tree nearby, all against a sky with white clouds.

Half Through Arch Bridge In Urban Area

This free stock photo shows a steel half through arch bridge over a river near an urban area with train tracks visible closeby, under a partially cloudy sky.

Person Fishing On Wooden Pier

This free stock photo shows an individual wearing a tan-colored wide brim bucket hat and holding a long fishing rod, standing near the water on a wooden pier held by rusty metal panels, fishing next to three mooring bitts of different sizes with a seagull standing on one of them.

Lit Street Lamps Art Installation In Los Angeles

This free stock photo shows the rows of lit ornate street lamps of different styles in the Urban Light assemblage sculpture in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in California, United States, standing tall against a dark unstarred night sky.

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