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Traffic And Buildings At Roundabout In Rome

This free stock photo shows a grass roundabout where Italy’s flag is painted with flowers, with people, cars and buses moving around and near it, and a main street with buildings on each side in the background.

Sun Rays Through Buildings On Cliff Near Shore

This free stock photo shows a sunset (or a sunrise) and rays of sunshine peaking through buildings and trees on a hill near a beach with people on the shore and boats near the coast under a clear blue sky.

Waves Crashing On Rocky Shore

This free stock photo shows waves crashing on rocks of all sizes in a shore resulting in white foam, near the Terranea Discovery Trail in Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles, California.

Woman Over Mountain Seaside Cliff

This free stock photo shows the back of a woman with a medium-length straight brown hair, wearing a black tank top and an orange drawstring backpack, putting her hands to her waist, standing on a paved trail and looking over a seaside cliff, towards a large body of water with mountains and hills ahead.

People In Street Aligned With Shops And Balconies

This free stock photo shows people walking in a street in Venice, Italy, paved with bluestone tiles, aligned with different types of shops and businesses, and leading to the San Moisè Catholic Church.

People At Airport Terminal

This free stock photo shows people, some with luggage, in motion, mainly in two directions, up and down an airport terminal where a couple of signs showing the different gates.

Los Angeles Skyline On Lake

This free stock photo shows the city skyline of Los Angeles, California, including its most prominent buildings, in the back, with a water fountain in a lake surrounded by greenery, and people walking or doing various activities, in front.

People With French Flag Near Louvre

This free stock photo shows the backs of a group of people, with one of them holding the French flag, walking near the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Tourists In Museum Courtyard

This free stock photo shows five tourists in the foreground walking in the Louvre Museum courtyard with other groups of tourists beyond them and a part of the building of the Louvre along with a pole holding the French flag flapping in the wind in the background.

2 Women Walking Down Street Alley

This free stock photo shows two young women both wearing shorts and backpacks walking down a street alley lined with old buildings and bollards.

Ornate Museum Building

This free stock photo shows people walking in front of the ornately decorated opera house with columns, arches, and golden statues of the Palais Garnier in Paris, France.

Inside Of Arch Museum

This free stock photo shows people walking in the inside of a museum with an arch glass ceiling at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, France.

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