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Rows Of Passengers Sitting On Plane

This free stock photo shows the backs of rows of passengers seated on a commercial plane, with overhead luggage compartments visible above them.

Cat Sitting Besides Nutcracker Doll Next To Holiday Decorations

This free stock photo shows a short-haired black and tan colored tortoiseshell cat sitting near a decorative nutcracker figurine, with blurry red bauble ornaments on a tree visible in the foreground.

Group Of People Sitting On Concrete Steps

This free stock photo shows a group of young people, most of them hunching over their mobile phones, sitting on concrete public seating benches next to concrete steps, with various types of plants and small trees behind them.

Two People Under Tree Near Barn

This free stock photo shows a man and a woman with their backs turned, sitting on a table bench in the shade of a large tree, facing an old white Gothic-arc barn, with a construction excavator and some wood besides it.

Two People Near Desert Mountain Cliff

This free stock photo shows two people, one standing and wearing a striped t-shirt, blue shorts, sneakers, sunglasses, and a black backpack, the other wearing a hooded gray jacket, jeans, white sneakers, and black long strap crossbody bag, and sitting on the edge of a rock formation near a series of rough desert mountains and …

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Small Boats In Rocky Shore Port

This free stock photo shows several small boats docked in a rocky shore port where lines od vehicles are parked and people near the coast or in the water doing different activities.

Man On Bench In Downtown Los Angeles Park

This free stock photo shows a man hunching over with a bag besides him on a metal bench in front of the Echo Park Lake where people are steering paddle boats and a water fountain is running, with palm trees and the Los Angeles skyline in the background.

Woman And Dog On Rocky Shore

This free stock photo shows the left side of a woman wearing a blue cap, green jacket, black leggings and Nike sneakers, sitting on a rocky shore with the hind legs of a dog showing besides her, while waves crashing on the rocks near the coastline in front of her.

Two Women On Top Of Rock Formation

This free stock photo shows a view looking up at the silhouettes of two women sitting on top of a big rock formation in the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

People On Boat In Water Near Cliff

This free stock photo shows a group of people sitting or standing on the deck of a relatively large boat sailing close to the foot of a high cliff directly in water.

Silhouette Of Person On Rock Against Sunshine

This free stock photo shows the silhouette of a person sitting on big rocks with their back turned, while the sun shining brightly beside them. 

Pathway Near Water Under Cloudy Sky

This free stock photo shows a paved pathway leading to a mountain on the edge of a body of water with scattered shrubs nearby and people sitting on benches or walking on it, under a blue sky with thin white clouds.

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