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Sunset Behind Hills Near Rocks And Boulders

This free stock photo shows the sun setting behind two hills, with rocks and boulders of different sizes visible in the foreground, in the Joshua Tree National Park in California, United States.

Sunlit Rock Formations Of Lower Antelope Canyon

This free stock photo shows a view looking up at warm-colored rock formations with flowing folds, part of the Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, United States.

Ice Covered Mount Baldy Behind Forest Trees

This free stock photo shows Mount San Antonio in Los Angeles, Califonia, United States, covered in snow during the month of February, with pine trees all over it and around its base.

Old Wooden Boardwalk With Railings Between Greenery

This free stock photo shows the wooden planks and railings of an old boardwalk, with plants visible on each side.

Cat Sitting Besides Nutcracker Doll Next To Holiday Decorations

This free stock photo shows a short-haired black and tan colored tortoiseshell cat sitting near a decorative nutcracker figurine, with blurry red bauble ornaments on a tree visible in the foreground.

Group Of People Sitting On Concrete Steps

This free stock photo shows a group of young people, most of them hunching over their mobile phones, sitting on concrete public seating benches next to concrete steps, with various types of plants and small trees behind them.

Waterfall Behind People On Bridge Between Trees

This free stock photo shows a waterfall flowing from a mountain cliff behind people standing on an arch bridge between forest trees.

Sailboat On Water Near Coast

This free stock photo shows a white sailboat, with four people on board, in the middle of a large placid body of water, with the heavily forested hills of the coastline visible behind it.

Two People Under Tree Near Barn

This free stock photo shows a man and a woman with their backs turned, sitting on a table bench in the shade of a large tree, facing an old white Gothic-arc barn, with a construction excavator and some wood besides it.

Performers With Musical Instruments In Concert

This free stock photo shows three performers playing various musical instruments, with bright light shining behind them.

Crowd At Pike Place Public Market

This free stock photo shows people, and some cars, walking or checking the different stands in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Aerial Tramway Car Traveling Above City

This free stock photo shows an aerial tramway cable car in transit above the city of Portland, Oregon, United States, with different buildings, trees and greenery, bridges and a river in view.

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