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Tall Buildings Behind People Near Stairs

This free stock photo shows mostly tall city buildings behind a landing covered with geometric-shaped metal structures surrounded by plants, visible behind a wide flight of stairs between another building and a group of people sitting on larger concrete steps.

Boats And People Near Small Rock Islet

This free stock photo shows a couple of boats on water and a few people swimming in the water near an islet with a small rock hill on it.

Two Sets Of Brightly Colored Dumbbells On Wooden Surface

This free stock photo shows two sets of brightly colored dumbbells, a pair in blue and another pair in orange, set on a wooden surface.

Side Of Ferris Wheel Against Sky

This free stock photo shows part of the side of the metal structure of a Ferris wheel ride against a blue sky with thin white clouds.

Empty Wooden Boardwalk Through Forest

This free stock photo shows an empty wooden boardwalk with hand railings on both sides, stretching across an area flanked by trees.

Two People On Small Yacht Near Pier

This free stock photo shows a man and a woman in the cockpit of a motorboat moving through water near a dock where another boat is moored.

Left Hand Holding Dumbbell

This free stock photo shows an individual’s left hand clutching a blue dumbbell, with another blue dumbbell and two orange ones set on the wooden floor.

Water In Echo Park Lake

This free stock photo shows the Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles, California, with few paddle boats on the glistening water, and people scattered on the path near the shore, with palm trees and sunset lit buildings behind them.

Two Light Pink Flamingo In Flock

This free stock photo shows a close up of the upper bodies of two light pink flamingos with the rest of their flock visible in the blurry background.

People Rowing On Small Boats Near Shore

This free stock photo shows people on canoes rowing with double bladed paddles near the shore.

Group Of Flamingos On Grass Near Trees And Plants

This free stock photo shows a group of flamingo sitting on the ground or standing on one leg in a grassy area, with their beaks into their plumage near tropical plants and trees.

Large Ice Capped Mountains Behind Coniferous Forest

This free stock photo shows a wide ice capped mountain with two visible peaks, behind an open clearing surrounded by a coniferous forest.


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