About Good Stock Photos

Steven Ma 640

Hi, I’m Steven

I’m the creator of Good Stock Photos. I’m a web designer and online marketer. My goal is to help you share your brand and story with the world.

The Challenge of Finding Photos

I’m like you, I need photos for projects. Sometimes it’s a photo for a blog post or a banner on a website. Maybe you need it for a PDF or an app. Whatever it is, I know the amount of time it can take just to find a decent one.

You can grab one off of a Google image search, but most of those are copyrighted and you run the risk of being sued or forced to stop using it. You can search for Creative Commons photos, but those tend to be poor quality. Or you can pay for a stock photo site, which we all know is unreasonably expensive.

Like many of you, I’m a designer, writer, and marketer. I need good photos on a regular basis. So I spend countless hours searching for a decent Creative Commons photo, or I fork out a lot of money for one photo I really need.

What is Good Stock Photos?

Here’s an idea – how about I give it away for free. That’s right, free. We’re going to turn the stock photo industry upside down and help you – developers, designers, writers, publishers, marketers – to excel in what you do without breaking the bank.

Everyday, I’ll offer a new photo for free for you to use. That’s it, no strings attached. All photos are taken and owned by me, and are high quality and high resolution.

Good Stock Photos is a project of SparkFlow, my design firm that offers design and marketing services, as well as free resources, for small business and nonprofits.

How Can I Use These Free Photos?

All photos here are free to use anywhere you want, in whatever you want. There is no need to credit me or this site, though a mention somewhere is always appreciated. For more specifics, here’s what you can and can’t do.

What you CAN do with these photos:

  • Use them on your blog or website
  • Use them in an app or software
  • Use them in social media
  • Use them on print or online advertisements
  • Use them to promote a product or service
  • Include them as part of a product or service you sell (such as an app or theme)
  • Do derivative works – photoshop the photo and make it cooler.
  • Sell derivative works of the photos (as long as it’s a fairly significant alteration)
  • Sell products in which the derivative work is the focus (such as a physical print of the altered photo)

What you CANNOT do with these photos:

  • Sell the photo as is
  • Claim the photo as your original work
  • Add the photo to an image gallery without crediting (where it appears as your own work)
  • Submit the photo into a stock gallery in which you profit from its sale

Simply put – the photos are free, so keep it that way.